Rustic Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware, like bras, should be tried before buying. How so? Because like bras 1.) you usually use them daily, 2.) they can be never consciously noticed OR they can pinch you uncomfortably and 3.) they can be the wrong size for the part of your body that uses them.

So, I’m purchasing hardware in the U.S. and taking it to India. Of course our kitchen cabinet maker could provide handles, but I like to test handles out before buying. Sometimes the backs are unfinished and scratch as you pull. Sometimes they don’t stand far enough away from the cabinet and your knuckles scrape the wood. Especially if you have big hands or stubby fingers, which I do not, but some people do. Sometimes hardware stands too far away from the cabinet surface and you bump into it, getting bruised. As we learned from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, sometimes you must try things to find what’s “just right.”

I am seeking rustic cabinet hardware with country Tuscan style. Some inspiration:

Rustic Cabinet Hardware

  1. Knobs and Hardware
  2. DoorHardwareUSA
  3. DoorHardwareUSA
  4. Habitatter
  5. WGH Wood Working

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

  1. Cabinet Hardware Universe
  2. Cabinet Hardware Universe
  3. Hartville Tool
  4. Cabinet Hardware Universe
  5. Cabinet Hardware Universe

Cabinet Hardware

  1. Rustic Hardware
  2. PullsDirect
  3. PullsDirect
  4. Knobs and Hardware
  5. Your Home Supply

Rustic Kitchen Hardware

  1. Rustica Hardware (backplate only)
  2. Rustica Hardware
  3. Rustica Hardware (beautiful but pricey)
  4. Rustica Hardware (also pricey but 2′ long)

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

  1. Rustica Hardware
  2. Rustica Hardware
  3. Rustica Hardware
  4. Rustica Hardware
    Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

1. Antique knobs not avail  2. Cool Knobs and Pulls  3. Cool Knobs and Pulls   4. Cool Knobs and Pulls   5. Cool Knobs and Pulls

  1. PullsDirect
  2. The Hardware Hut
  3. PullsDirect
  4. PullsDirect
  5. PullsDirect

  1. CabinetKnob
  2. eFaucets
  3. The Hardware Hut

  1. Knobs Etc.
  2. Knobs Etc.
  3. Knobs Etc.
  4. Knobs Etc.
  5. Oops I forgot where I found this

  1. Knobs Etc.
  2. Knobs Etc.
  3. Knobs Etc.
  4. Knobs Etc.

You may wonder what would drive someone to assemble such an exhaustive list of rustic hardware. A cat that never sits on me was sleeping on my back, and I didn’t want him to go, so I was stuck. Might as well dream of rustic hardware while he dreamed of chasing chipmunks.

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3 Replies to “Rustic Cabinet Hardware”

  1. Hello congratulations for your post, I love all the rustic cabinet hardware that you have, I am interested in rustic hardware universe #1 and #2 there is any posibility where I can buy it.

    Thanks for your attention,


  2. Hi Debbie,

    I would like to purchase some of he Rustic Cabinet Hardware #1. Can you tell me more about it
    and where I can purchase it.

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