Nooks n’ Cubbies for Sleeping

There’s already been plenty of blogging about sleeping nooks. Words that people use again and again to describe them: cozy, snuggle, escape, dream, safe, curl up, charming … and … “I want one!”

Why not make one? Essential ingredients to a cozy, dreamy, safe escape where you can snuggle and curl up and read and sleep:

  • Encircled on three sides by walls, built-in cabinets, curtains, etc.
  • A bonus: capability to close off the fourth side and truly hide out
  • Lots and lots of pillows
  • Blankets, of course
  • Thick plush surface to lounge or lay on
  • A light within arm’s reach
  • A solid flat surface nearby to set essentials on, such as a drink

Here’s some examples. Found on Brittany Havican blog and pinterest:

Found at Country Home:

Found on tumblr, original source unknown:

From Cote de Texas:

As you can see already, nooks can be created in wildly varying styles and have the ability to enwrap you in a hidden little world. Here’s another from Houzz:

From Design Sponge back in 2008:

Coastal Living Idea Cottage, shown in Structure Building Company blog:

From Magnolia Pearl and seen on pinterest too:

And from skona hem:

What fantasy nooks, huh? But here’s the thing — they’re real, they exist for somebody who created them. Want one? You can make one too.

Here is my favorite, which I blogged about previously:

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