Metallic Walls

What if we could have a metallic touch somewhere on the Chennai apartment’s walls? How could you not want that if you saw these images …

Via Better Decorating Bible:

This is metallic wallpaper from Crezana. Beautiful:

Via Asian Paints:

A beautiful wall of patinated metal leaf and a textured vein, created by artist Emily Swift-Jones:

An idea found at Plum Siena – perhaps you don’t have to paint the entire wall. This creates a headboard effect:

Via Bon Temps Beignet — another gorgeous headboard effect. And this post gives numerous step-by-step photos of how to stencil like this, a great help if you’re planning to stencil as I am. I’m definitely keeping this blog handy as a reference:

Found at Citified, interesting cross hatch effect. I want to say hashtag – Twitter is getting under my skin. But you CAN see the hashtags in here, can’t you:

Via decorpad:

Gold on the ceiling, via Houzz:

With India’s love of gold, doesn’t it make sense to have gold on a wall or ceiling somewhere?

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  1. Hi there
    the 5th image down is of my work :) Unfortunately for me the original image didn’t have my copyright and my website changed, but i can’t retrieve it. Would you be kind enough to credit me. I’d really appreciate it.
    kind regards

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