A Color Story for a Cold February Night

Here in Chicago you won’t find many warm oranges or peaches or pinks or magentas this time of year. Certainly not fuschia! Maybe that’s why I noticed a trend to some photos pinned tonight. Something similar about them …

Orange Princess Tulip via Van Engelen. It’s so full it’s nearly a peony:

Orange Princess Tulip

Kovalam Print by Ravi Varghese available for your wall at Art.com. Indeed while I type here in Chicago in probably -7.7F wind chill, it’s 77F in Kovalam on the western shores of South India, warm as the colors in this print:

Kovalam Print by Ravi Varghese

I may need to get this print for the Chennai apartment, it’s perfect for my plans for one of the rooms.

Taj linens from Anichini:

Taj Linen from Anichini

Pillows from Anichini:

Anichini Pillows

If I’m pinning this color, must be looking forward to spring. I wonder what the groundhog’s gonna do tomorrow?

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One Response to A Color Story for a Cold February Night

  1. Pssst … **right now** the Kovalam print featured above is available at art.com in a generous size, nearly 2′ x 3′, at 77% off for $6.98. For that price, I’ll fit it in my next suitcase to Chennai and frame there for the guest bedroom! http://www.art.com/products/p12183007-sa-i6675320/ravi-varghese-kovalam.htm?sorig=cat&sorigid=0&dimvals=5052969&ui=3ce3ad82e5b94191ad9654ecd242fb22

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