India Design and Color at Leon & Lulu

You can find India colors, patterns and design in Clawson, Michigan where there is a store called Leon & Lulu. It’s full of fun colors and an energetic mix of furniture, art and gifts. I saw really creative inspiration of how to weave Indian pieces in your home …

Indian boxes on a cocktail table, and Indian firework containers balancing on tall colorful ceramic candlesticks – what a fun idea:



Here’s a great idea – get not just one Indian wood tiger toy on wheels. Get a whole bunch. And line them all up under cool wall art (this one is metal with words cut out):



We saw colorful kantha animals, wearing threaded jewels:


These Indian figures looked really familiar:


A few years ago, I posted very similar ones I photographed in Kochi, India:


The red ones above at Leon & Lulu are a good tall size and very reasonably priced.

These seem to be painted paper mache. The scene says to me, “I love India style:”


Pretty jewel-toned jewels displayed on old wood:


There are many things beyond India items at Leon & Lulu. My mom and I spent hours there looking at all the inspiration for decorating.

Something like this temperature conversion chart would be useful when I go to India and think in Fahrenheit:


I like this combo of things:


Lamp bases made of wallpaper printing spools:



I loved these displays as a way to show collections and art:




A few weeks ago, I was in Denver and posted an Instagram of these metal figures climbing up a wall in the hotel lobby:

Well guess what. I saw some very similar ones here that you can hang on your walls:


I also liked these vintage wall stencil rollers. The patterned parts feel like rubber. They have pins on the ends so I could see these suspended vertically between pieces of wood and a bunch displayed in a row:


We left with minds buzzing of new ideas from what we saw at Leon & Lulu, and a few shopping bags in our hands too. And oh yeah, they have a big section of funny gifts. I left with a bit of smeared mascara from laughing so hard. All in all, a fun time! This kind of a shop is a great reminder to not take our homes and décor too seriously.

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  1. The “familiar” figures are Isar Gangaur, I think — if you google, you can find many similar figures.

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