Just Asking If You Lost a Mini Key?

Does anyone write hand-written letters anymore? Wouldn’t you like to find a hand-written letter in your mailbox so it’s not just junk, catalogs and oh the bills. Here’s what I found in my mailbox, from my mom, after one of our annual Mother’s Day crafting weekends with the three of us: mom and two sisters.

It begins: “Hello, just asking if you lost a mini key?”

Handmade Card


Maybe if we all write and send some letters, people will send some back? Maybe they’re out there waiting too for these bygone things. You can find any reason to write a letter, maybe because you found a miniature key in the carpet.

Handmade Scrapbook Paper Card

4 Replies to “Just Asking If You Lost a Mini Key?”

  1. I would love to send letters in the mail, provided I could live a life of leisure Regency style and never had to deal with a post office. Oh to go back in time….

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