Scandinavian White Interiors with an Indian Twist

So cool for summer – the whites of Scandinavian interiors plus Indian style …

Via vtwonen, Scandinavian style in a house with an Indian charpoy (daybed):

vtwonen Scandinavian white home decor with India flair

Scandinavian white (though a bit antiqued and mellowed) meets Indian style at Maisons du Monde:

Scandinavian White Meets India via Maisons du monde

And they suggest this “blanc Namaste” cabinet, for sale, to get a bit of the look yourself:


India home décor accessories with the cool feel of Scandinavian interiors, also from Maisons du Monde:


Indian Chakki ottoman with whites at Serena and Lily:


This is cool white and Indian influence, but in Mykonos! At the San Giorgio Hotel:


So see, you can do this anywhere.

Keep the light touch with lighter block prints, such as Charleroi Paisley Embroidery in Linen from Schumacher Fabrics:


And choose lighter rugs such as this Michael Smith Fret Work design from Mansour Modern:

Michael Smith for Mansour Modern

Keep it light and white, and you’ll beat the summer heat!

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