Nail Head Trim Patterns

Something popped out at me on Pinterest the other day. Nail heads. Thankfully not physically because that might have hurt. But I did get hit with inspiration.

This is an innovative use of nail heads on a door. These images were uploaded to Pinterest and I’m not finding them anywhere else online, but I think they are from Ashley Hicks:

Nail heads on a door

Door with Nail Head Trim

From Ashley Hicks, similar brass nail head detailing:

Nail Head Detail via Ashley Hicks

These doors, again by Ashley Hicks, have coral handles and a scattering of upholstery nail heads in a circle shape – very creative use of the nails that reminds me of round Chinese door hardware:

Circle Scattering of Upholstery Nail Heads by Ashley Hicks

Nail heads become elegant on this leather dresser from Dalton Design Shop (sold, no longer available):

Upholstery Nail Heads on Leather Dresser

Nail heads add interesting detail to a side table here. This was done for $6 with thumb tacks! Can you believe? It’s true, it’s by Mad in Crafts and you can see the DIY at Décor Hacks:

Nailhead Side Table by Mad in Crafts

This festival of nail heads below inspired the above side table. It’s the Cabrillo Nailhead Chest from Bernhardt:

Cabrillo Nailhead Chest from Bernhardt

Here’s another Cabrillo nailhead dresser from Bernhardt, wrapped with linen:

Cabrillo Nailhead Dresser from Bernhardt

Cabrillo Nailhead and Linen Trim Chest from Bernhardt

Here’s a crazy gorgeous nail head trim pattern:

Nailhead Trim on Chest

It was photographed by Cottage and Vine at a furniture market a few years ago.

As you can see already, nail head trim can be so versatile – patterns made with nail heads can be contemporary, global/tribal or southwestern which is a natural for nailheads.

How about this piece of work?! I don’t mean piece of work in a bad way. But surely this must have been work to create. I don’t know the original source of this, but it looks like nail heads on leather:

Nail Head Pattern on Leather Door

Via House Beautiful, nail heads make a pattern on a limed oak headboard:

Nail Heads on Wood Headboard via House Beautiful

From the Room Divider Store, nail head trim makes a diamond pattern on faux leather (this could be good DIY too if you want a different pattern and color):

Nail Head Trim on Faux Leather Divider from Room Divider Store

By Aiveen Daly, all I can add is … wow:

Nail Head Trim on Door in Moroccan Pattern by Aiveen Daly

You don’t need a bazillion nail heads to have a good pattern. See this ottoman by Shine by S.H.O:

Nail Head Ottoman by Shine by S.H.O

Another simple example, nail head pattern on a sofa via studio|ten|25:

Nail Head Trim on Sofa via studio|ten|25

I have an old upholstered ottoman to refinish and this gives me the idea to try something like this:

Nail Head Trim Ottoman from Neiman Marcus

Apparently this ottoman was at Neiman Marcus for about $2300. Because I already have the ottoman with the bun feet, I could probably pull this off for under $100. It’s covered in 80s mauve cotton and would need new fabric.

How about add nail head trim to a wide frame around a mirror. You could wrap wood with any fabric and do this. This mirror was found by postmodern hostess at a sample sale:

Nail Head Mirror via Postmodern Hostess

From Kelly and Olive, simple pattern on a small table:

Simple Nail Head Trim Pattern

I may be late to the nail head trim party. But I honestly don’t worry too much about trends. I think what you create with the nail heads will determine whether what you do is timeless or trendy.

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  1. Love these. Thanks for sharing. I love the wooden trunk that has a more tribal feel (natch). I think some of those would be incredibly difficult to get exactly right. Not a DIY for the faint-of-heart.

  2. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! A little creativity births such a BIG statement! I am so inspired!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

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