Stenciling on Glass: Make a Beautiful Table Top

Why, oh why, would I paint over a beautiful stencil I just finished painting? Why paint over it like this:

How to Paint a Stencil on Glass

Because you must paint over the stencil design to get to this:

Stencil Painted on Glass Table Top

There is a method to what might look like madness!

This was once a plain ol’ clear glass table in our family room. Then metallic paints and a stencil took it from blah to beautiful. See all the details about how to do it at Paint + Pattern, where I share my method for stenciling on glass.

Take a look around your home – do you have any clear glass surfaces that could use some color and pattern? If so, head on over to Paint + Pattern to see how you can make that glass more exciting!

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5 Responses to Stenciling on Glass: Make a Beautiful Table Top

  1. Another job well done! Love the pattern, gold and texture. What a great way to transform an old glass table into a fabulous piece!

  2. where can I get this exact stencil? Its beautiful

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