Can 59 People Please Order This?

Can I bribe you to place an order for this? If you do, then there’s only 58 to go …

Indian Shelf at World Market

Yes, this shelf will be made only if there are enough orders for it. (You can order here.)

Rajasthani artisans are awaiting carving it with traditional methods passed down through generations, father to son, maybe uncle to nephew.

Rajasthani Indian Carved Wood Shelf via World Market

Then they will paint it indigo blue.

Indigo Blue Shelf at World Market

Please, let’s get enough orders together so that 60 homes can enjoy this shelf. Including mine! :)

Also, I do have an affiliate relationship with World Market but did not set up affiliate links on this post because I’m so shamelessly begging you to order this! Maybe that makes me a dumb blogger, finance-wise. But I think it’s only fair to offer more value in return for affiliate links! Like a DIY tutorial, or spending my time finding something hard-to-find so that you don’t have to spend your time doing that.

So, let’s go back to ogling this shelf. You know, it’s 49″ long. Long enough to hold a bunch of framed photos, or painting canvas. If I am lucky enough to get this, I may use it to set wall art on it.

Rajasthani Shelf and Ochre Wall

And, can we have a conversation about that wall?! Yes, let’s. I think that wall treatment is also needed. The lightly patterned peeling paper scraps. The color. Did you see my recent post about curry color?

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15 Replies to “Can 59 People Please Order This?”

  1. hi maam

    we have a furniture manufacturing unit in Delhi and deal in colonial and traditional furniture ,was surfing through the interior blogs ,when I came across your and this particular post…in-case you are looking for something like this we can customise to make this for you ,though we have our own designs also kinda of similar to this…. would love to work for you as we always are on look out for people passionate about Indian crafts as much as we are

    looking forward to hear from you


    1. Hello Bhavya this is Val I am residing in HYD what will be the cost of similar stuff of 35 inches?

    1. Hi Linda, I know, I love it too! I would have ordered it if it was produced. The thing is, World Market needed a minimum number of orders to produce it. It was available here for $250 back in March 2015:

      But someone somewhere on this planet has that sample … !!

      I do see similar shelves occasionally, vintage and antique ones, usually at online shops that import from India. I’m not remembering now exactly where I’ve seen them.

  2. Hello Bhavya this is Val I am residing in HYD what will be the cost of similar stuff of 35 inches?

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