Brass Indian Figurines

Brass figures are trendy right now. Brass giraffes, brass elephants. Well how about a brass crab or cow? Not as charming, right?! But wait …

A few years ago while visiting Bangalore, our hotel had big brass figures in niches in the dining room. Not being able to sneak them in my pocket (not that I would have done that!), I snuck pictures of them. Instead of taking pictures of all of them at once, which would have been weird, every day during breakfast I snuck a few more pictures of a few more brass figures. Also still weird.

And here’s a few of them …

Brass Indian Figurine

Brass Indian Figurines

This next one is my favorite. The cutest crab.

Indian Brass Crab Figurine

Brass Figurine from India


2 Replies to “Brass Indian Figurines”

  1. I am so amazed when I see such detailed work – so happy that there are still cultures who keep the handmade ‘thing’ going. The detail is just out of this world. I absolutely adore the last one!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing such beauty.

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