Scenes from the India pied-à-terre

I recently returned from India, from our “second home” apartment there in Chennai. With construction done (after 6 years! including breaks to recuperate), we started basic decorating. It’s the first layer of decorating, like the necessities for privacy and comfort — curtains, sofa, chair, pillows, plates and bowls. Of course in my mind, things like a silver-leafed table and stenciled wall are necessities! So you’ll see those here too!

I will share more details, sources, and DIY project tutorials later. Right now, I’m recovering from major jet lag and flying out again for a work trip. Meanwhile, I wanted to share SOMETHING here quickly!

First some of the color you might expect from India:

Tassel Bowl

Sofa pillows in India pied-a-terre

One of my fav spots – this little space between two bedroom doors:

Alcove in India pied-a-terre

There are a lot of calming neutrals, and patterns keep things interesting:

Stenciled Wall in India pied-a-terre

Curtain and Lamp Shade

Silk Saree Curtain

Kerala Chair

Stenciled Coasters

I call my style “Natural Nomadic Luxe” and this really captures it:

Nomadic Luxe

“Luxe” doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. The above pic shows an inexpensive polyester cushion cover purchased in India many years ago. The platter is from Turkey, found at HomeGoods. More than from money, the style comes from the choices of color (gold for bling!), pattern (paisley!), etc. The “nomadic” part of my style comes from mixing things from many countries and cultures together.

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