DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

This post is a bit early for Valentine’s Day, but if you like this idea, I wanted to give you enough time to get the supplies. While stenciling Christmas tree ornaments a few months ago, I was loving the matte Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan on glitter paper. So I used the same combo for Valentine’s Day cards! Glitter and glam, plus a personal card made by you — perfect for Valentine’s Day!

You can get my full DIY tutorial with the easy step-by-step instructions at Paint + Pattern so you can make these cards:

DIY Stenciled Valentine's Day Cards

I always love a photo shoot that requires (ahem yeah “requires” like it’s mandatory) good chocolates. Then you can eat the chocolate! Funny story — I originally bought a bigger box of Godiva truffles. I thought I was going to get to eat them. I left the box on the kitchen island and went to work. Meanwhile my husband left for a flight to his office in India that day. He took the chocolates for his staff over in Bengaluru. Which is okay — they are very much appreciated and they love the chocolates! But I had to get another (smaller) box for myself. For the photos. Yup. I guess I am greedy when it comes to chocolate. As you can see from the photos, I also bought a dozen red roses for myself!

So, again, head over to Paint + Pattern for the DIY tutorial. It will walk you through steps like these:

Glittery DIY Valentine Day Card

See that lilac color Chalk Paint (it’s Henrietta color from Annie Sloan) on the glitter paper? Cool matte vs. glitter texture contrast, huh?

Here I will tell you more about where to get supplies like glittery paper, because I realize you might not find glittery paper in every corner store! There’s a Michael’s craft store actually conveniently around the corner from my neighborhood, and I find lots of choices of glitter papers in their scrapbook/paper-crafting aisles. They have many colors — red, blues, purples, gold, silver, greens. I should mention, the glitter does not come off the paper. I’ve banned glittery Christmas ornaments from my house because all the glitter getting everywhere drives me crazy. But these pre-glittered scrapbook papers are secure — the glitter goes nowhere!

You may not have a Michaels nearby. That’s okay. You can order online. Here are the glitter papers at Michaels website. Here’s an example of the glitter paper they have:

Glitter Paper at Michaels

You can also get packs of glitter papers. These are gorgeous jewel tones:

Jewel Tone Glitter Paper

Now that I’m surfing Michaels’ site, I’m sorry so many papers seem to be available only in the stores, but there are still quite a few choices online.

When you’re choosing glitter papers to paint on, look for the fine glitter surface, not the big chunky glitter, where you can see the big circles of glitter shapes. If you’re shopping online, enlarge the picture so you can get a good look at the glitter. Here’s a comparison:

Fine vs Big Glitter

Paint will not go well over the huge pieces of glitter. On the fine glitter papers, you will still see texture under the paint, but it’s subtle and okay.

When shopping at craft stores like Michaels or Joann, sign up for their email lists. Don’t be afraid of spam – those emails always have coupons up to 50% off, sometimes 60%. They also often have coupons on their websites. Download their apps on your phone. When you’re in the store, open the app and look for their coupons. There are always coupons! You can easily get 30-50% off.

The lacey stencil I used to paint the heart is from Royal Design Studio. It’s the Lace Heart Wall Stencil. The design is 5.5″ wide and 4.5″ tall so it’s the perfect size for cards. And yes, one stencil made these three different looks! The difference is in the color papers and color paint you choose. And as you see, you can cut a shape in the paper and have the stencil pattern peek through the cut-out, or you can paint directly on the glitter paper.

One Heart Stencil Three Looks

Also Royal Design Studio often has sales on stencils and supplies — sign up for their email list to get notice of discounts and sales in your email box.

If you try this, have fun! It’s easy and fast to make these cards. I whipped these three cards out in an afternoon. It would probably be faster for you because I was stopping to take pictures for blogging. This is a fun project to do with kids too.

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Stenciled Christmas Tree Ornaments

In the previous post, I shared a super fast and easy tutorial for making scrapbook paper Christmas tree ornaments. Simply trace a paper mache ornament on scrapbook paper, cut the paper and glue it on. Sounds simple, but if you choose a fabulous paper, it can look like much more work than it really was! Like this ornament I made:

DIY Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

Add rhinestone embellishments to make it fancy. Check out the tutorial for some useful tips about how to glue scrapbook paper — I’ve had problems with wrinkling in the past but found a good solution.

Today, we’ll talk about adding another layer of pattern with painted stencils. If you want to stencil on scrapbook paper, I recommend choosing a lighter paper with a more subtle pattern like this paper:

Scrapbook Paper on a Christmas Tree Ornament

Your ornament doesn’t have to be beige! In fact that’s not very Christmas-y, is it? I think it worked for me because I’m using metallic paints and those can always be made to look festive. You can choose any lighter color. You just want to be sure there’s some good contrast with the stencil color, and it’s easier to paint a darker color on a lighter background.

Next, choose a stencil. You can use a Christmas theme stencil. You don’t have to though. I’ve built up a collection of stencils, as a contributor for the stencil company Royal Design Studio’s blogzine of stenciling ideas, called Paint + Pattern. So I used Indian, Moroccan, Turkish, all kinds of stencils to paint patterns on my ornaments. Think a bit outside the box. You don’t have to use a super small ornament-sized stencil. Those are hard to find, anyway. You can use part of a bigger stencil, like I did here:

Placing Large Stencil on Small Ornament

This stencil is actually really big. The ornament fits only a very small part of the stencil design, but that’s okay, it gives you a really cool abstract pattern. (And you can see I didn’t clean it before using it again! Oh well.)

Here you see while you’re painting the stencil, much of the paper pattern might get covered up with paint, but don’t worry:

Stenciling on Ornament

The pattern will peek out when you’re done:

Stenciled Pattern

It’s hard to see there, but I swirled several metallic colors through the stencil – silver, bronze, gold. The color changes depending on how the light hits it.

Have fun mixing and matching different colors and patterns. Here’s a collection of ornaments I made in an afternoon, some with just a painted base on the paper mache instead of scrapbook paper:

Stenciled Patterns on Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can see here I decided to add some colored rhinestones:

Colored Rhinestones

You can find sheets of rhinestones like this in scrapbook supply aisles at craft stores.

My sister brought her Quaker parrot to my house for Thanksgiving and here’s the parrot saying “okay” and “hmmm-mmm” to my work:

Pat the Parrot Says Okay

Literally. Those are among the many words she says. And she really did say “okay.”

Another way to make your ornament interesting is with contrast in texture and finish. I glued a glittery scrapbook paper on an ornament, then stenciled with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan which has a matte finish. The combo of glitter and matte paint looks interesting. It’s hard to photograph so here they’re tilted into the sun:

Glittery Stenciled Ornaments

Here’s another example of placing a stencil partially on the ornament, and the pattern result:

Stenciling a Christmas Tree Ornament

Here’s a mix of stenciled ornaments and ornaments decoupaged with scrapbook paper, to show the huge versatility even with a limited color palette:

Stenciled Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial


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DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments with Scrapbook Paper

Christmas tree ornaments can be so fast and easy to make. It’s really satisfying to have a big pile of ornaments like this, after just an afternoon of gluing, painting, drinking, singing and laughing:

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

These were made with scrapbook papers, metallic paints, stencils and some rhinestone embellishments. Today I’ll show you how to make Christmas tree ornaments like these. They look luxe, but they’re super easy!


  • Flat paper mache or wood Christmas tree ornaments
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Pen/pencil
  • Scissors
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue
  • Foam brush
  • Paint
  • Paint brush/stencil brush
  • Paper towel
  • Optional: Stencils, Colored rhinestone embellishments

Ornament Supplies

12 Assorted Paper Mache Ornaments | Angel Ornament | Aleene’s Tacky Glue | Foam Brushes | Scrapbook Papers

Colorful Rhinestone Stickers

Rhinestone Stickers | Clear Rhinestones | Red Rhinestones 

You can find these supplies online or at any major craft store. The curvy paper mache ornaments I used were found at a Hobby Lobby store. I haven’t found the same ones online. You can also often get ornaments on sale up to half off, or use a coupon which brings the cost to only $1 to $1.50 each.

Choose an ornament and a scrapbook paper. You can use any scrapbook paper you want and there’s thousands of designs available in stores and online. But if you think you also want to paint stencils on your ornament to make layered patterns, it’s best to choose a lighter color paper with a more subtle pattern. Something like the Prima Ledger Papers at Amazon. Some scrapbook papers I used were glittery so that’s another option for a fancy festive look!

Step 1. First, paint the edge of your ornament. I used metallic paints but you can use whatever color you want that coordinates with your scrapbook paper.

Step 2. Trace your ornament shape on scrapbook paper and cut it out.

TIP: Cut slightly inside the trace lines, so your cut-out won’t wind up bigger than your ornament.

Scrapbook Paper Christmas Ornament

Step 3. Next spread a light layer of Aleene’s Tacky Glue on the ornament with a foam brush.

Aleenes Tacky Glue

TIP: Mod Podge is very popular and you may have some in your craft supplies. I’ve used Mod Podge as a glue for a few scrapbook paper projects, and had wrinkle problems with all those projects. I tried every solution I found online to minimize the wrinkles. It helps to use a thicker scrapbook paper, and to smooth the paper from the middle toward the edges with a hard straight edge like a credit card or ruler. But I still had wrinkle problems. So I tried Aleene’s Tacky Glue instead. It’s less wet, more tacky, and I found even thin papers did not wrinkle. Yay! So based on my small experiments thus far, try Aleene’s Tacky Glue instead of Mod Podge if you’re gluing scrapbook paper.

You can apply the same paper to both sides of an ornament, or glue different papers on each side of an ornament. I made each side of my ornaments different:

Scrapbook Paper Ornament

That doubled the creativity, but now I’ll have a hard time deciding which side to show on the Christmas tree!


Once your scrapbook paper is glued on, you could call your project done. Super easy! I used a glittery chevron scrapbook paper on one ornament, and that was it, simple was beautiful and that ornament was done:

Glitter Scrapbook Paper


For another ornament, I added a few colored rhinestone embellishments and called it done. With a paper this pretty, it didn’t need much more:

DIY Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

You can cut apart rows of rhinestones to use smaller pieces. And if the sticky backing comes off, as it did for a few of my rhinestones, just use some of the Aleene’s Tacky Glue to adhere them.


For some ornaments, I painted stenciled patterns on the scrapbook paper:

Stenciled Christmas Tree Scrapbook Paper Ornament

Next I’ll post a Step 2 to this tutorial, with info about stenciling on scrapbook paper to make layered patterns. Visit it here.


Wondering where to buy scrapbook paper?

Where to Buy Scrapbook Paper


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage of compensation at no cost to you if you purchase after clicking the link. I post affiliate links when I have purchased from the company or used the product, and I can confidently share the company or product. For more info, see Disclosures & Policies.

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