Dancing with Lantern Shadows

Many of  these are Moroccan inspired, delivering sparkly shapes in the shadows. At least one lantern such as these will be hanging in our Chennai apartment when it’s ready for accessories and atmosphere. I haven’t been good about tracking where these are from; I’ve been keeping these images in a lantern inspiration folder:

Now that’s nice. But let’s ramp up the dancing shadow effect a bit more:

More, more, more! Let’s see even more shadows:

Here are a variety of lanterns that could create this effect:

From Viva Terra catalog.

From Williams Sonoma Home catalog.

I don’t know where these are from. They would be perfect on the garden terraces!

From Pottery Barn.

Handmade Nicaraguan lanterns from nicanelly.com.

It’s certain that somewhere in the place, I will be hanging a set of three lanterns, so we can spend evenings under stars dancing on the ceilings, walls and floors!

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4 Replies to “Dancing with Lantern Shadows”

  1. Thank you Sarah! My eyes feel very happy scrolling through these photos. It’s easy to bring this into our homes, too, simply find a candle or electric lantern with shapes like these. Also thanks to all of the people who took these photos and shared them on the internet for all of us to enjoy.

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