Pink & Orange

Most posts here reflect my aesthetic which leans toward Calvin Klein and Eileen Fisher colors —  natural and gentle. But granted, this safe sameness can be boring. Lately my eyes are adjusting to scorching color combinations, and my very favorite is hot pink + orange:

Buildings in Cartagena — these neighbors planned their paint jobs well:

Hermes scarf and Hermes tray with pink roses:


Orange and pink shawl:




Silk curtains:

A painting by seller Artbyrodriguez. Somebody is enjoying it because it’s sold:

Sometimes just a bit of pink and orange is enough:

Perhaps my eyes are now accepting this combo because it’s being marketed to American consumers. See this Lilly Pulitzer bedding in the latest Garnet Hill catalog:

From Cambria Cove, jacquard fabric napkins:

Skirt in the Sundance catalog:

John Robshaw Textiles primrose pillow:

Vintage pillow in John Robshaw Textiles’ Souk:

Kaffe Fassett fabrics:

Last weekend at Archiver’s scrapbook store, I stocked up on pink and orange papers so bright, I felt I needed sunglasses in the store. The designs are similar to these handmade papers at an Amazon store:

Now I find there is an entire blog about pink plus orange stuff! There are blogs about everything, huh? Consider my post here a mere sneak preview of all the luscious color to be found at the Pink + Orange blog.

Whew! My next post may go back to neutral colors, sort of a palate cleanser for the eyes.

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4 Replies to “Pink & Orange”

  1. I love the pink and orange silk curtains. Do you know where they came from? Or what fabric that is? Would love to have some made just like those or purchase.

    1. Hi Lauri, I’ve found the photo is originally from Domino magazine which is now no longer published, so I can’t look it up. At some point I must have heard they are silk. I would think any silk that has a weight to hang well as a curtain would work. But I can tell you from experience, protect the silk from the sun — the sun can fade it and eventually break down the silk fibers. So you could line the curtains to protect them. The curtains above appear to be unlined. I guess that’s okay if the curtains aren’t expensive and you might plan to replace them. Hope you do this, they’re beautiful!

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