Chandeliers for Your Home

Let’s see if there’s a commonality among chandeliers I’ve admired. (The post about mirrors, where I gathered images all in one place, helped me clearly see what I will look for in a bathroom mirror.) During these holiday months, we more often gather with many people at the dining table. And what better way to bring beautiful light to us, our families and guests than from the jewels 0f a chandelier. I’ve admired these:

The Gypsy Chandelier in the Sundance catalog. Just look at these details!

Definitely liking BIG drippy things which this chandelier also has, at Home Portfolio:

Lest this starts looking like an homage to one of my favorite shows, True Blood on HBO, let’s move on to another look. I like some strength in the shape. Like this Femme Fatale Chandelier at Horchow:

Damasco Chandelier at Home Portfolio, in a set of staggered threes:

Expanding on this shape, clearly there’s a preference for tiered styles like this M0ura Starr design featured at Home Portfolio. It has options for 50 colors!

And this one, but I’d like more Mughal than Abbey shapes. This one shown at Home Portfolio too, makes me think of pipe organs in church. I’d rather think of anything else but that in my home. But still, I like the shape.

At over US$11,000 this one will remain a fantasy. But couldn’t you replicate this look with fabrics?

Check out this pierced metal chandelier at Horchow:

It seems to carry several personalities:

What a view from below:

Different shape, but I also like this metal chandelier at Horchow:

I also like strong glass globes. But at over US$16,000 this featured at Home Portfolio will not be hanging over my dining table. Nice to look though:

Similarly, this Minaret Pendant at Home Portfolio:

Generally I avoid leggy eight-arm chandeliers. I lived in a condo once that had a big shiny brass one in the foyer and it made me nervous. It gave the feeling like an enormous octopus or spider was looming over us. I don’t like feeling like prey. Who does?! What a welcome to the home! It was immediately taken down and replaced. Things in threes are far more friendly …

Blown glass chandelier at Home Porfolio:

And another one, colorful:

What’s my favorite? Although I could live with all of these, it’s none of these! Will share that in the next post because it deserves to be highlighted all on its own.

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