Paisley Block Print

I posted previously about wanting to create my own block printing on sheets like Les Indiennes or John Robshaw. The set I’m trying most to emulate is this:

The first essential block print arrived a few days ago — a large paisley block print. I found it from Etsy seller textileblocks.

It was described as the mother of all paisley blocks and boy, it is big. It’s probably not as big as the paisley in the Les Indiennes bedding shown above, but it will work. Now I need to find the right smaller block prints. The textileblocks Etsy shop has more nice ones, and they’re also shown with a tape measure so you know the size.

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4 Replies to “Paisley Block Print”

  1. Deb- I am glad you discovered Textile Block on Etsy. I was just going to write to you about them when I saw your previous post. Have fun with all the block printing and do post photos of the final end product. Can’t wait to see! :)

  2. Cool blockstamp pictures..I love blockprinting and i have been writing couple of posts earlier…showcase the edn product here..waiting to see..

    1. You have a beautiful site! I found your post about Kilol’s block prints — we’ll definitely visit Kilol when we’re in Chennai later this year! Thank you for sharing so many good shopping sources in India on your blog.

  3. Hi there- how did you get on with your fabric?? I adore Les Indiennes and was also inspired to make my own wallpaper. Just about to try, would love to hear how you did!

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