Farmhouse Sink

I love the farmhouse sink look. With the opportunity to design in Chennai from the beginning, and with the Tuscan kitchen theme, I can see a farmhouse sink in our future …

Here is a Rohl clay sink:

Here is more information about Rohl/Shaws clay sinks. These are also called apron sinks. Also here’s a discussion at That Home Site boards about apron/farmhouse sinks. That Home Site can be a lifesaver due to knowledge shared from people who’ve been down the renovation road. People are very open about sharing the good, bad and ugly so things don’t get ugly for you. I now always run to That Home Site discussion boards to read and ask questions when we’re dealing with home repair or renovation issues. The discussion has a North American focus but much advice could apply anywhere.

See a Shaw apron sink, or farmhouse sink, installed in a unique kitchen here:

Here is a fluted farmhouse sink in a vanity:

I like the look of copper sinks. They’re distinctive and a good focal point in the kitchen. I do need to do more research into durability and care of copper, though. The first example is this hammered copper sink:

Also available without a divider in the middle:

You can get them with designs on the front:

Another hammered copper version that looks old, just the way I like it:

Here’s a smooth copper sink with rounded corners, beautiful:

So are these sinks only seen in magazine photos? Do “real people” really get to have such beautiful sinks? The answer must be yes. Here’s a real copper farmhouse sink in a kitchen used by real people, posted by a real person on That Home Site discussion boards:

They got their sink from this company which specializes in copper sinks.

Oh goodness, this copper farmhouse sink below with a scroll design is gorgeous!

A quick sidestep from the typical apron sink here — do you have owning a copper bucket sink on your Bucket List? If so, here is your sink:

This sink offers something different from all others thus far. It incorporates the backsplash:

Here’s another one with backsplash included plus a hammered textured apron:

This copper farmhouse sink offers a utilitarian feature — a built-in drainboard:

So, you can see even when you narrow your focus to “farmhouse” and “copper” there are still numerous options!

To see farmhouse sinks installed in beautiful kitchens, I’ve pinned many more images at a Pinterest Farmhouse Sink Board — follow along there!

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7 Replies to “Farmhouse Sink”

  1. Very FAR from having to worry about kitchen sinks LOL. But if I had to, I’d totally go for the hammered copper one! :) loved the farmhouse aesthetic!

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement! It’s very meaningful. I agree with both of you, I like the hammered copper one the best too. Maybe someday I’ll have to do a post about finding this in Chennai for real, versus surfing online for nice pictures! Deb

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