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After the post about farmhouse dining tables, let’s talk chairs. First, presenting my #1 most favorite dining chair in the whole entire world. The whole entire world! Huge place of honor. And I never over-exaggerate. Oh no, never.

Each time the Arhaus catalog arrives, I hungrily flip through pages to find these Jordan chairs. Oh please let them still be there so they’re not discontinued and there might still be some chance that someday I may get to own and sit in these chairs. I would sell half my wardrobe on eBay to raise funds. Really, I would. Half the stuff doesn’t fit anymore anyway. I’d sell white blood cells. I’d sell … I’d sell … (looking wildly around) … funny, why did my cat just run from the room??? Nooooo I would not sell my Seesa cat. Would I?

Here are more chairs. Certainly nice too, if not quite the “I’d sell my white blood cells” level of infatuation.

From Modern Chic Home, armchair with orange leather:

… and the version without arms:

Anthropologie Tropical Flock Chair, but just two of these on the ends and another style of chair in the middle positions:

This Harman chair from Arhaus looks to be designed for lingering conversations over dinner. Of course actually sitting in a chair could be an entirely different experience and we’ve been known to hop from chair to chair in stores like bees in a flower garden, until finding just the perfect chair to settle. For now, my eyes settle on this chair and the exhuberant but still elegant fabric:

I don’t have any bias toward a certain style of chair right now. I guess I’ve never been very discerning about dining chairs. I do like the idea of mismatching chairs to a table — having lots of contrast between the table and chair styles. And I like chairs that have some curve in them so they hug you a bit.

This post may turn out to be like throwing gum at a wall seeing what sticks! But here’s a shot at some different chair styles.

Here’s a more contemporary chair, With a more colorful fabric on the seat, could be interesting:

What a cute chair that certainly carries its own strong personality:

A French and Italian inspired chair:

I like the shape and simplicity of this chair and how it could contrast with a farmhouse table, but I could see banging my arms on those pointy edges of the back when setting the table. Ouch, bruises.

This dining chair feels like it wants to be in a Dr. Seuss drawing when it grows up! It’s stretching … stretching … not quite there, more like a Dr. Seuss chair character wannabe. And it would have to be in a lime green or blinding blue color. I would love it in a carmel color. Or even covered with a rug fabric, actually. But any more than two would be too many. It would be cute at the ends of a table if you wanted to go more lighthearted.

This seems like a very soft and welcoming chair to me. Come on over, sit down and relax for awhile over dinner:

Although on second thought, this chair may be good for our Chicago climate. In Chennai, its occupants may beg for the A/C to be on full blast all the time. ???

Another curvy chair and also without arms:

Love this chair from House of Copenhagen:

I kind of like the exaggeration in the shape of this chair:

This chair is super duper cute:

So do tell, what is your favorite dining chair?

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