Trying Chairs with a Farmhouse Table

So we’ve looked at farmhouse tables and we’ve looked at dining chairs here. Separately. What if favorites from the two posts are brought together? What do they look like? Well, we can do that. Just playing around, here’s some quick  Photoshop to bring the two together. This is a Restoration Hardware table with various chairs:

Hmmmmm. This is not easy. Some are blech and some are meh. With modifications to some chairs, some combos may work. Professionals may know what to not even bother trying to put together.

When we did a bathroom renovation, I found this Photoshop exercise extremely useful for visual imagination — and more practically, saving money and time. Before purchasing anything, I put the elements together in a Photoshop image. I put all elements in one Photoshop file using layers, then I toggle layers on and off to “try on” different looks. For our bathroom, once we settled on the vanity and mirrors, I “tried on” countless sconces this way. Many sconces that I loved alone looked very “off” with the vanity and mirrors once I saw them together. Same thing with the faucets. Sometimes I’d be up at 2 a.m. doing this, like an obsession. Renovation can be such a draining experience on many levels. But this Photoshop experimentation revealed the beauty and the ultimate vision, and I learned from it, and it prevented much purchasing and returning.  And the final product, the finished bathroom, wound up looking exactly like the Photoshop mock-up. So we knew exactly what we were getting. Very cool.

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