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I wonder if our Tuscan kitchen plan will make the whole apartment skew toward country farmhouse style. ?? I’m currently very muddled about how the look will ultimately shake out, because I’m drawn to so many styles. Other than, I long ago outgrew an affinity for very contemporary so we won’t be doing contemporary even though I know it’s popular in India right now. 

What’s for certain is that I’ve always really liked the style of Palecek, a furniture and accessories manufacturer. When my husband and I had our own business years ago, we got to roam the halls of the markets in Atlanta, New York, High Point, Chicago, etc. I was always drawn to Palecek, although never did business with that company. But my attraction to Palecek has never waned. Even a few years ago we popped into a shop in little Fish Creek, Wisconsin in Door County and I was ooh’ing and aah’ing over the furniture and accessories. Small wonder, it was Palecek.

It’s easy and it’s breezy. It’s natural and it fits a tropical climate lifestyle. It could mix well with India style.

Here’s some Palecek things from their website and catalog:

The relaxed “on vacation every day” feeling that this collection of images conveys … yeah, I could live with that. Could you too?

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