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In addition to Palecek, another company whose products I’m drawn to is McGuire. Often enough, I look up something I like in a magazine and it is attributed to McGuire. Now these prices are higher than I could pay, but we can always look, right?

Check out this bed:

Copper doors on this armoire. Oh how I love copper:

We’re looking for ideas for the cabinetmaker for bedroom storage (if we don’t wind up getting vintage or antique cabinets). I like the detail on these cabinets:

Oh and look, this look is available in a night table or side table too:

Despite previously posting about rectangular farmhouse tables, I do like round dining tables with strong bases such as this one:

I would place this chaise before the opened French doors, with light curtains billowing in breeze, and I would lounge there. On soft pillows to cushion my head. Yeah, I live the lounging life.

I wish I lived more of a lounging life! Do people really own chaises? And what do they really do with them?

I like the looks of this chair. I wonder if it’s comfortable:

I might like this stool at the kitchen island, two of a kind:

Of course all of these would be mixed and contrasted with Indian textiles and accessories. I like the idea of these simple shapes with a bit of uncommon texture and detail, paired with things that are complex and charismatic with colors.

This was a nice diversion. Now back to real life where there actually isn’t as much time as I’d like for lounging …

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