Sur La Table Kitchen Favorites

Last night we went to dinner at a Chinese-Indian fusion restaurant, Inchin’s Bamboo Garden:

Afterwards we wanted to visit Arhaus, but unfortunately the store closed at 7 p.m. We must have looked like two kids peering in a closed candy store.  Oh the things we could see in there! I know right now they have old Indian doors in their frames. We could see a collection of block prints arranged on a wall.

As a consolation prize, we visited Sur la table around the corner. We saw a few things that would be perfect to pack up and take to our India pied a terre …

Linens in beautiful colors:

See the flatware in the photo above? We saw that at the store too, and talked about how we could just “see it” on the India dining table. It comes with wood handles as well as red and an ivory color handle. Here’s a close up:

Absolutely I would buy this and haul it in my suitcase to India! Actually all the silverware in our Chicago home is from a lady in the Chatuchak market in Bangkok. We look unique flatware. We bought pieces from her in 2001 during our first visit to the skinny winding and visually overwhelming aisles of the Chatuchak market. But we miscalculated. We didn’t buy enough, for when you have many people over for dinner. Uh-oh! Thankfully, we were able to find her again in 2004 or 2005, whenever was the next time we visited Bangkok. I forget now. It’s like we’re birds. We can fly anywhere on the planet, and then find our way and return in the future to the same little spot.

We love coffee so for certain, we will have a french press in the India kitchen. It’s simple low-tech and wouldn’t require cleaning tablets and filters like our Jura-Capresse does. Here’s a Bodum french press:

Here’s another version:

Of course, I need to learn to make a good Madras coffee because I love the combination of Madras coffee and payasam! I love the combo of bitter and sweet.

I liked the bright colors and “old time” printing on these storage canisters:

And of course this would match our Tuscan kitchen theme:

The yellow canisters would pick up on some yellow in the kitchen tiles, but of course color contrast is visually interesting too:

I did not see these in the store, they’re on the Sur la table website; I really like this canister style too:

I liked this hot rack that hangs from a wall. There’s a spot next to the fridge that would be hidden from view of the dining area where I’ve been thinking a pot rack could hang on the wall, like this one:

That’s all we had time to see — the store was closing in only half hour after we got there. But we saw quite a bit in that time for India pied a terre ideas.

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