Unmade Beds

Unmade. This is how I think beds should be.

Because if you spent 5 minutes of your life every day making the beds in your house, you spend just over 30 hours a year making the bed. Um, is that true or is my math wrong? I just checked this four times. I knew it would add up, but that much? Even I’m surprised. So that supports my argument for not making your bed. Imagine what else you could do in that time. And that’s only one year. Over a decade, that’s 300 hours. Or, 12.5 days. That’s a vacation!

So what do you want, a vacation or your beds all made up? And who sees your beds anyway? Even if someone did, these beds look just fine as they are …

From House Beautiful:

These three unmade beds were featured in Belle Note Linens:

This rumpled bed was featured on Myles Henry website:

This was found online showing an unmade bed in the home of graphic designer Dorte Agergaard. Really, this is far more interesting to look at than a perfectly pintucked bed, thus in my mind achieves a successful vision. So no one should be ashamed.

Shown at Desire to Inspire blog:

Right now, as I’m in the midst of traveling among five states, I return to a perfectly-made bed each evening. But if you ever happened to visit our India pied a terre, and peek in the master’s quarters, you can pretty much guess what you might find. We’re just too busy livin’ it up.

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6 Replies to “Unmade Beds”

    1. Yes I love the colors. Isn’t it funny how these look so good when they’re professionally styled and photographed. But in my house, the same thing might likely just look like a sloppy mess!

    1. Thank you! I’ve continued collecting photos of unmade beds and must make another post soon! OK I just did make a new post about unmade beds — today — exactly one year to the day after this post …

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