Simple Beds for Block Print Bedding

I’ve written previously about how I envision a master bedroom in our Chennai apartment that’s supremely restful. An escape and an oasis of calm. Because I really need that space to recharge when I travel there. And I’m pretty cranky when tired. So a good night’s sleep is important. One element that will surely be in the room is interesting but serene block print bedding.

If you don’t want to go the poster bed route, there’s plenty of other bed designs that could serve as a quiet backdrop and let block print bedding take center stage.

Here’s a recap of the block print style that caught my eye. From Les Indiennes:

From John Robshaw:

From Viva Terra catalog:

I don’t know if this is all block printing, but I like the handmade artistry and casual slightly rumpled feel of Alabama Chanin products:

Likewise these may not be block printed (?) but I like the mix of prints from JA Design Studio (but not in pink!):

From Raksha Bella:

Now imagine the following beds as foundations and backdrops for bedding like those shown above. This is how I’ve always thought of a bed’s role in a room — it is not the star of the show, it is there for support.

Alexandrie Bed from Les Migrateurs:

Barbara Barry Sleigh Bed by Baker:

Chelsea bed from Gingko Home Furnishings:

Headboards from Wisteria:

I love this style. Our coffee table in our Chicago living room is this style, purchased in Thailand. Kang bed from Kismet:

Wow, this one is not in our price range, that is certain, but beautiful and still quiet enough to let block prints sing for attention. Pompeian Style Gilt-Wood Bed by Quatrain:

A new bed could be painted to deliver the antiqued look shown above.

Tapered Bed from Infusion Furniture:

Logic bed by Room & Board:

I’d hire any of these beds to do the job of showcasing block print linens. Also each of them has a bit of detail for personality so they bring something to the bed+linen relationship.

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