Main Door Installation, to be continued …

Patti warned last October, “Sarathy doesn’t know anything.” Thus this post is short on detail. Now his wife is fascinated and asking questions. Why is the front door being installed precisely at 9:30 p.m. Central time today (early morning in Chennai)? Why will a cow be in our apartment? So the cow will go up three flights of narrow staircase? What is this ritual called? You for sure are asking someone to take photos?

I hope to learn more today than whether the Steelers or Packers will win, and what the Black Eyed Peas will do during halftime, and whether Christina Aguilera will hit the high notes. There are rituals much older than these to know about.

More to follow soon …

For my readers who are wondering — patti is “grandma” in Tamil language. We unfortunately lost patti to old age shortly after my husband visited in October. He was grateful to have a few weeks with her. She lived a full long life and brought a big family to the world, and she was very wise about people.

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