Main Door Installation, continued

The main door is important because every time you enter your home, you activate energy. You want to activate the most beneficial energy. Being raised as a typical American suburban kid, we didn’t think about these things. But I am now somewhat of a believer in house energy, feng shui and vastu shastra.

We once had a condo that violated a feng shui principle, but we didn’t know it at the time. When you walked in the front door, you could see straight through the house and out the large back windows. Apparently this causes money to flow  through the house and out the back window. Which was true in that place the entire time we lived there. Until the day we sold it and our financial picture turned around dramatically and immediately. I will never again live where you walk in the house and the first thing you see is the outdoors across the house. Also, we could see the guy who lived behind us smoking outside all the time and peering into our house. Uh, welcome home? Creepy and negative stuff all around.

Because the main doors to homes should be treated with reverence, there are rituals to do when you install the main door frame. In India, Muhurtha is an aspect of house building. It’s important when you dig a well, lay a foundation, install the main door frame (this ceremony is called Vasakal) and when you first enter into the new house  (Grihapravesam). The main door’s threshold serves to protect the household from perils and diseases, and it paves the way for prosperity.

My husband’s horoscope was checked to determine the best time for the Vasakal ceremony. This bothers me slightly, as I am an Aries and a first-born, and Aries like to be first. At the very least, we don’t like to be left out or forgotton. But I shall survive.

Here are photos from a previous Vasakal ritual on the property:

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