Where O Where Is My Favorite Chair

It is here.

Found via pinterest travels.

This is the rounded low-profile chair for a future dining table, in a future Chennai apartment that will take longer to finish, further into the future, than anticipated.

The reveal:

Here’s the thing. We need a minimum of 8. In ash wood, these are  €1581 each. In today’s exchange rate, that’s US$2166. That’s one chair and seven people could stand. Maybe not. So that’s $17,328 for 8 chairs.

Well, I do throw extra change in a change jar. I could step it up from pennies, nickels and dimes to more quarters more often. The apartment may be ready by the time I collect $17K+ in change. Or, I may be so old by the time these quarters add up, I’ll be unable to walk up the three flights of stairs to the place, so none of this will matter anyway.

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