There Should Be Dancing to the Beat of the Drum

Recently I posted about using drums as side tables and coffee tables. Tonight I saw Nora on public TV — stunning visually, emotionally, metaphorically — a story of life in Zimbabwe told through dance. Of course the star, Nora Chipaumire, danced to drums.

The movie began with this image in movement. I was unable to tear my eyes from it and was easily drawn into the entire half hour of dancing, music and drums.

As another art, I’ve enjoyed interior decorating for decades. In college I’d buy Metropolitan Home monthly, devouring it, despite having limited money to even eat. Visual inspiration alone was enough to sustain me. And some friends wondered why I would pursue public health for a career instead of interior design. This movie gave one answer.

Despite how much I enjoy objects (and sharing them here), I believe they come alive only when used. Otherwise there’s emptiness to objects, despite their beauty. There is a limit to my tolerance for passions for acquiring stuff. That may be hard to see on this blog, because it’s mostly about lusting over stuff — and I do! — but I have conflicts about this.

To truly be something of value, the drums sitting in our living room need hands to beat on them, and Nora to dance with them:

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