Add Another Dash of Paprika

My favorite color room, delicious for the eyes:

Found at Pinterest from

I posted this room last month:

Paprika is made from grinding the dried fruits of capsicum annum or bell peppers. The heat level can vary. In the U.S. it’s used as a garnish more than as a major flavoring. I say bring it on, I can’t get enough of this color!

How about this? From a designer’s home in Copenhagen:

Not quite enough! Then how about this? Draped all around the room? You can find this place in Jaisalmer and in the current issue of Conde Nast Traveller India.

More please!  Okay, how about this rug from the Spice Collection from Pittsburgh Rug Company?

Better, but not enough! More! Okay then, what about this wall from Wunderley?

Love it with that mirror and cabinet! Great start, don’t be shy. More paprika! Okay if you like paprika with black, here’s more and with splashes of hot pink too! From the S R Gambrel online portfolio.

Wow. A great pick-me-up on gray February days. Here’s  a real dash of paprika from Recipes Wiki:

I wrote before that our guest room is this color. Promise, promise, I promise pictures soon. We’ll have a steady stream of guests for my husband’s business from mid-March to mid-May, so the room will be photo- and guest-ready soon.

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2 Replies to “Add Another Dash of Paprika”

    1. Oh boy, I’m so bad at taking the pictures! The truth is, I have piles of clothes in the guest room that need to go back in the closet or SOMEWHERE and I just gotta get that done. It’s my favorite room in the house, and it took forever and a day to paint, so it’s a shame it’s not always lovely to look at!

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