Foyer Furnishings

Today’s vision:

Inside the main door of our Chennai apartment, there’s a 10′ x 11′ space before entering the main living area. We’ll install a tall bookcase with library ladder here (as posted about previously) because the ceilings are 10′.

Something like this French Dressing bookcase with ladder:

No ladder, but like this style from Jayson Home & Garden:

Then against the opposite wall, a settee. Something with faded color like this antique settee from Jayson:

The settee’s side view will be visible from the living area, so it should be attractive:

Or something with less color, but so cute and with quality details, like this from Jayson:

Thus far this is the French part of our India pied a terre, but where’s the Chennai? Where’s India? It would be in a pillow and draped shawl or throw, like these below. A kantha pillow from Jayson:

And this silk shawl at Etsy, found among a mother-in-law’s wedding gifts in Kerala:

Definitely, shopping for saris will be on our Chennai agenda this spring. Kantha looks like it takes much time and patience to do, but I can do a pillow size project.

A side table is always needed. I like using old chests and trunks. The coffee table in our Chicago living room is an old Chinese trunk. Pieces that have been places and seen things, and overheard conversations that they will keep secret. Like this antique wallpapered chest at Jayson:

You can get an inexpensive old chest, apply wallpaper and then rough it up and peel it to make it look old like this.

To contrast the rusticness, I’d set something jewel-like on the chest, like these boxes from Atlantis Dry Goods:

And a rug, one that I wouldn’t mind messing up as it’s inside the main door. Like the over-dyed rug trend — old rugs destined to be rejects if they weren’t refashioned — something like this one from ABC Carpet & Home:

Above the settee/chair and chest, I’d hang a big abstract painting. I’d take a risk with something bold that doesn’t even try to match. It must be bright and cheerful, like these from Amanda Collis on etsy:

Although the above paintings are smaller. We need something big for a big space. For an effect similar to this shown at A Perfect Gray blog:

Of course we must be able to hang things near an entry/exit doorway. These cool elephants shown at Honey & Fitz etsy shop could do the job:

For light, I’d hang Moroccan lamps like these from TAZIDesigns.

This reflects how the global style (in my mind) is shaping up for this place.

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