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We’re pushing our architect into the unknown, as our vision is very different than that of other homeowners he’s working with in Chennai. But it’s a fun partnership, and he’s seeing some cool new ideas. We hope our apartment becomes a fantastic showpiece that he can show others. His other clients may want contemporary, but hundreds & hundreds of people are visiting this blog weekly by searching for country.

Here’s the top five posts of the past five months. Several country elements in our plans rank at the top:

#1 Post:  Farmhouse Sink

Our architect is in search of a farmhouse sink in India. Our preference is copper but due to maintenance needs, we may go with white or beige like the famous Shaw sink.

#2 Post: Tuscan Kitchen Hoods

A Tuscan style hood is key to the kitchen’s style. The open floor plan makes the kitchen visible throughout the living area. So the Tuscan hood will be a big driver of the entire apartment’s style.

#3 Post: Framed Scarves

Who knows if a framed scarf will appear in the India pied a terre. But a scarf has been framed and hung in our Chicago home and a blog post with DIY tips is coming soon!

#4 Post: Farmhouse Dining Table

This post showed rectangular tables. My husband wants a round dining table, so there will be a future post with round inspiration photos.

#5 Post: Pink & Orange

I’ve collected bunches more orange + pink photos since this post, so 2011 will bring a repeat of this topic. I could never live with pink and orange, but love looking at it online, very energizing!

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