Beautiful Decay

The rough walls post reminded me of abandoned, decaying places. Below is a mix of photos via Detroit Disassembled, an abandoned castle in Spain, and an abandoned Belgian church. Can you tell which image is from where?

Why would I admire rough decayed walls enough to want that in a home to live in? Cannot explain it, but I do. There is  some beauty in decay.

On the other hand, it’s painful to see once majestic and proud places fall on their knees and dissolve into memories of a past time, as captured by this Detroit Disassembled image:

How could this not remind of Salvador Dali:

The whole situation of losing a great city to dust n’ crumble and dead dreams brings another famous artwork to mind:

This visual rambling doesn’t have much to do with India, I know. But I’ve been thinking lately that rather than building new pieces or buying new (like the built-in wardrobes), instead buying older existing pieces as much as possible so things with history are preserved instead of falling apart.

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