Pink & Orange II

The previous pink & orange post has been so popular! In anticipation of sunnier skies and bright spring flowers in Chicago soon, here’s more pink & orange.

I’ll be gentle on your eyes to start. Shown at Shannon Fricke:

Jonathan Adler via Houzz:

Found on Pinterest via ID Bohemia:

Via The Diversion Project:

From House Beautiful:

From Etsy seller ReclaimTheThrone:

From Bright Bazaar:

Found at Sara Kate Studios:

From Caldwell Flake:

Let’s amp up the visual punch now. From 18 Kerut:

Via Sproost:

Found at ArchZine:

Via Bolig:

From Yolo Colorhouse:

From Bazaar of Serendipity:

From The Selby:

Let’s look at smaller punches of pink and orange. Like this cute string thing from Amy Atlas blog where you can find the DIY directions to make it yourself, in pink + orange or any other color:

Artwork found at Pinterest and Dark Lamb tumblr:

Via Elle and The Coveteur:

Kantha scarf from Niki Jones:

Pink and orange iridescence for your nails. MAC Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer photo found via Temptalia:

Silk scarf handspun and handwoven in Afghanistan via DIA LIVING:

Found via Bijou and Boheme:

So to close this festival of color for tonight, for now, the current weather feels more like this Hermes ad:

We’ll take bright color however and wherever we can get it. Color in flowers will be coming soon, like this photo from The Land That Ugly Forgot:

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5 Replies to “Pink & Orange II”

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  2. My favorite color scheme of all time (and the color scheme for our big fat Indian wedding)–thanks for this post!

    1. Ha ha big fat Indian wedding, that’s what I called mine too because it was so much like the movie, but a mix of American and Indian culture.

      Your wedding is going to look so cool! I should do a #III post on this color combo, it’s always fun.

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