Bait & Switch Kitchen

Enough of India modular kitchen web sites that show kitchens that the company does not offer!!!  How many times I’ve run into this, I cannot count. I give up trying to research anything online anymore. I’m gonna haul my sweating self all over Chennai in late May or June weather now, looking at cabinets.

If a web site shows kitchen products, a customer should be able to get those products from that company. Choosing a nice photo to draw people to your web site, when you don’t have any affiliation with the product in the photo, is so not cool. It should be illegal because it has no representation of what you can do.

Meanwhile if anyone knows who produces the kitchen cabinetry below — if they are indeed even in India because I’m not looking to ship a kitchen into India  although some people are doing that — please email or note in comments. Thank  you! You will make our day and your help will be forever appreciated! I’m sorry I cannot promise to include you in my will, but I will think of some other big thanks!

While I’m on a kitchen cabinet rant today, if you’re a company that’s describing solid wood cabinets, don’t ship MDF. If your product is MDF just say so. Frankly, I won’t get snobby about needing solid wood in our India apartment — I already got wood so solid in my Chicago kitchen, I cannot drive  a nail into it to install hooks inside the cabinets! That’s what real quality oak does, folks. If you can very easily drive nails into “oak” cabinets in India, it ain’t oak. Our Chennai kitchen will be used only a few weeks a year so it doesn’t need to be costly top-notch solid wood. Plus, this probably goes without saying, but I don’t know how to cook like my mother-in-law and sister-in-law cook in their kitchens. My mother-in-law cooks such great food, we may wind up in their flat downstairs to eat! So there won’t be much action in our kitchen.

Furthermore … teak is teak — if it’s not teak don’t call it teak. Adding the word “teak” in a name doesn’t make it so. I could go on and on but will spare everyone the repetitive rant about this issue of cabinet material descriptions. It’s discussed online in many other places.

Whatever material people want to buy is their personal decision, and they should get what they are expecting. The price they pay should be commensurate with what they get. I have a problem with misrepresentation and will never get over the shock of that.  Injustices just rile me — it’s why I do what I do for a profession — and this is a type of injustice.

Whew. Back to pretty pictures next post, promise …

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