Our House Loves Arhaus

You know the HGTV show Find Your Style? Here the host shares her top 10 tips to find your style. These tips are right-on because they’d point us directly to our style — Arhaus style! We finally visited an Arhaus store this weekend, and I walked into the pages of my favorite furniture and home decor catalog. It felt like walking into our house. Main difference being, we don’t hang price tags on stuff in our house.

I snapped some pics of our favorite things, as we’ll surely go back for some. Lots of inspiration from India there, including:

I’ve already planned to put a piece like this in the Chennai guest bathroom, which has accent tiles in silver, gold and copper. Something could be set on the shelf to hold towels. They also have smaller gold tables:

This table reuses carved wood pieces and old printing blocks:

I dropped heavy hints that this is a perfect home decor item for textile aficionados!

I was also planning to visit our favorite dusty warehouse in Cochin and find an old wood window frame to recycle as a mirror. Just like this:

The iPhone photo here stinks. But this mirror seemed to be drybrushed with a “dusting” of gold paint which made it shimmer just enough, but let the old wood show through.

They had a series of iron grilles in wood frames. What a great idea! This one was more unique, looks like a peacock:

This was a pretty display. My husband said the natural texture screen in the back is made of the little stems that hold coconuts on the trees. He said in his childhood, he and his friends would collect them and burn them. Now, they could sell them! I like the natural texture with the crystally chandelier pendants. And of course the mix of textile patterns and colors:

Those chandeliers did not turn out at all. Sorry they look like ghostly apparitions here. I think they are Lydias.

I most like these global things mixed with transitional furniture. That is our style!

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