One detail of houses I love is shutters. Why? Try to imagine these scenes without the shutters …

Found on Pinterest and House of Turquoise:

Shown at Home Curb Appeal:

Found at New South Classics blog:

From Withers Exterior Shutters:

Shown at Arts and Crafts Homes, which as more images and explanation of shutters for this architectural style:

From eHow Home, which has a lot of DIY articles about shutters:

Found at essortment:

Shown at Kestrel Shutters and Doors:

From Houzz:

Even though all these photos have something of interest, couldn’t they all shift toward “blah” if they didn’t have shutters? There’s a bunch more shutter and window images in my Exterior Shutters Board on Pinterest and in my Shutters Ideabook on Houzz.

In India, grilles are common in windows for security, but shutters can be combined with grilles:

From New South Classics blog:

In Singapore:

Shown at eHow Home:

From Withers Exterior Shutters:

You can even use what looks like exterior shutters, indoors …

From Houzz:

From Houzz:

From Houzz:

What set off this momentary obsession with shutters? We have shutters on three sides of our Chicago house, but we haven’t had shutters on the back facing the backyard. Soon, there will be shutters there. This will finish everything off nicely, especially the view from the backyard where we spend a lot of outdoor time.

And, sometimes I wonder if we could install shutters somehow on the India flat, to close when we’re not there (which would be the majority of the time) to keep the place cooler and also for security. But considering there are three other flats in the building that would not have shutters, I wouldn’t want to affect the architecture by installing them outside. And I’m not sure how the shutters would look inside. We’ve considered grilles but have no permanent plans right now for grilles.

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4 Replies to “Shutters”

  1. Having been to India seven times, a country of inexhaustible pleasures, I am enjoying your blog and your good taste.

  2. Great, thanks Divya!! I will have to look for shutters when we’re there! I’m even thinking about removable shutters somehow, so when we’re there we can move them away from the windows, then reinstall and close the windows when we leave … until next time …

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