DIY: Framed Scarf Wall Hanging

I was inspired to frame a silk Talbot’s scarf that usually you’d wear, but I wanted to hang it our living room wall. The scarf’s theme – exotic travel – goes with our living room things which are from India, Burma, Laos, Thailand, China and Italy. After wearing the scarf for awhile, it was time for it to be where it was meant to be. Here’s how I framed the scarf …


  • silk scarf 36″ x 36″
  • 36″ x 36″ x 1″ canvas
  • Matte antique gold color spray paint
  • Silk pins from sewing notions
  • Nail already in wall from a previous hanging

Here’s the scarf as it’s looked for a few years:

Here’s how it will look on the canvas (next step, ironing!):

Here’s one of my arts n’ crafts assistants demonstrating how big the canvas is:

Next, I sprayed gold paint only where canvas will be visible, plus on the edges. It’s not necessary to paint the entire canvas, so paint can be used for another project. I had to apply several layers of spray paint for even coverage:

After the paint dried, I pinned the scarf to the canvas in a few spots along the edges, and at the corners:

Framed Scarf DIY

It was as easy as that!

One small snafu. I thought the scarf was smaller than the 36″ x 36″ canvas, but when the creases were ironed out, the scarf became the same size as the canvas. You could choose a bigger canvas so there’s a “frame” of gold around the scarf. But at least you can still see the gold canvas edges here.

The canvas is not the best quality. It’s slightly warped and it doesn’t have a smooth even surface, but you can’t see this once the scarf is pinned to the canvas. If you used a finer linen canvas, you could sew the scarf edges onto the canvas instead of pinning them.

I suppose rather than a framed scarf, this is more of a “mounted scarf.” I chose to mount it instead of frame it because I like the casual appearance of unframed canvas.

Some more images around the scarf …

This is a scrapbook I made that is an imaginery diary that Amelia Earhart would have kept if she really did land on a Pacific island and survive there for awhile:

Below is a prayer bowl from Sikkim, brass weights from an antique shop in Tuscany and travel journals from a place much closer – the Barnes & Noble within walking distance of our house! I keep a written journal of memories of every trip we take:

I like all the colors and patterns, but you need to be closer to this vignette to appreciate them:

I keep turquoise necklaces in the bowl:

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  1. Wow! This turned out beautifully. It’s true, some scarves are works of art and need to be showcased like this – – thanks for the inspiration and for linking up at SCARF WEEK. (Also, your arts n’ crafts assistant is adorable.)

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