Envisioning: A Guest Room

This is the look I’d love to have in the Chennai apartment’s guest room:

Pink and blue sequined fabric made into rectangular drum pendant lamps. Found at 1stdibs (beyond our budget but this is just a vision): a palace column from Gujarat set into a corner of the room, a huge stuffed elephant, a mahogany platform bed upon which I’d pile block print bedding like John Robshaw shown here or Les Indiennes spilling over the sides to hide the feet, and drape it with mosquito netting,  and an Armritsar carpet. Storage would be in old chipped painted pieces like the floral carved sideboard and the vintage cabinet. Ancient looking pottery like this from AM Projects. And, different styles of antique vintage candlesticks from India.

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5 Replies to “Envisioning: A Guest Room”

  1. Thank you so much, Lillian!! This whole look could also be re-created much less expensively than original sources of some items. I love that stuffed elephant — what a great DIY idea if one uses old remnant textiles from India. There are tons of stuffed animal patterns available online. Although I may surely get that Les Indiennes pink elephant fabric and make something from it or even frame it.

    1. Thank you! We were at HomeGoods yesterday to get “just one thing, only a cutting board” my husband said. Yeah right, this is HomeGoods you’re going into! I found a key thing for this guest room look there. And of course at a great price too!

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