Industrial Pendant with Wire Shade DIY

Someone please buy all these supplies up and make this before I succumb to the desire! Somehow the farmhouse-style-country-style-urban-chicken-fresh-egg-thing is getting under my skin. I really want some chickens cluck-cluck-clucking in my yard. And rusty wire shade pendants by the backyard door. This is how trends work on you, work on you, work on you, they wear you down, until you want things you never wanted before.

From Rejuvenation, take a Burnside cloth-covered cord pendant. Very simple, just the cord and a vintage-looking lightbulb. The great thing is, you can choose from among 14 colors, from black to white to a variety of metal finishes:

You can also specify any length of cord you want. There are similar pendant cords sold in many places. This is a one-stop place for quality, customization and that key element — the vintagey bulb.

Find the look for less from Etsy seller junkyardlighting:

This comes in fun colors from CB2 and would be cute with colored wire baskets which are at this moment on etsy in red, blue, yellow, white …

Add a wire basket upside down, like these found on etsy …

Wire Basket from Etsy Seller jmg9009:

Wire Basket from Etsy Seller GingersGirl:

Wire Basket from Etsy Seller TimelessTreasuresTwo:

Wire Basket from Etsy Seller 40sZen:

Wire Basket from Etsy Seller bonnbonn:

Find more by searching for vintage wire egg baskets. Don’t sue me if I’m wrong, I’m not Martha Stewart here with staff to check into every detail, but it makes sense that you need a basket with a hole in the middle to thread the cord. You could also easily cut off handles if you don’t want them.

You are going for this look, an egg basket wire pendant from Hudson Goods:

Or this from Etsy seller junkyardlighting:

Or this which was at terrain but this style isn’t there now, however it’s easily DIY’d as this basket style is easily found on Etsy. Probably eBay too but I found Etsy so fruitful I didn’t get to eBay. Or your local antique shops and malls.

So please-please-please feel free to take these before I can get to them, so I don’t wind up with one of these in our … I don’t even know where this would go … that’s why I can’t have one. Besides, someone has to leave some baskets for the eggs.

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