Chennai Cucina II

Bear with me a bit longer if Tuscan kitchen isn’t your style. One purpose of this blog is to seek inspiration and decide the details of our Chennai, India apartment, and a kitchen with Tuscan style will figure prominently. Right now I am looking at kitchen inspiration for decisions. I’ll soon move on to other design topics, as (believe or not) I don’t intend to rename this blog the “India Tuscan Kitchen Blog!”

After reviewing the Veneta Cucine modular kitchen option in a previous post, today I’ll share images from another maker of Tuscan style kitchens — Magi Cucine. I don’t know if they will provide kitchens in India. I just like the warm details in these photos:

A few details inspiring me: 

  • wood lattice
  • vintage style oven
  • copper
  • yellow ceramics
  • rustic tile
  • pebbled glass

And of course, warm light.

Do any of these photos show garlic? There was a lot of garlic in photos I pinned. I am greatly inspired by garlic at home (scoop shredded garlic and strong green olive oil with torn ciabatta bread, yum!) but will be respectful and not cook it in the Chennai kitchen!

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