A Space

No, not “a space.”

“A” space. A space shaped like an A. Like A for Attic. Or A for A-frame.

A-shaped areas can feel cute, cozy or even like a childhood wonderment, depending on how they’re decorated. Any way they are, I like ’em. So go ahead, venture in, see how these rooms make you feel. Be careful, don’t bump your head …

Found at Design Labyrinth:

Really, an A! Found at Lambert le Blog:

From weheartit:

Found at Amy Bird Tweets:

From imgfave.com:

From Apartment Therapy:

Anyone know the source of this image? Found on pinterest from a tumblr site with a name I’m just not going to write on my blog (if I bumped my head hard on one of these sloped walls, I might yell it!). So consider this from pinterest for now:

Found at Desire to Inspire:

Found at My Shabby Streamside Studio:

From the New York Times (without the fairy lights):

This is where this space is:

This is in the same cottage:

Found at Desire to Inspire:

A bigger space, from Apartment Therapy:

Found at ReadyMade:

From Houzz:

Do you have an A-shaped space in your home? Do you have somewhere you could make one, perhaps by raising or removing a ceiling? This seems to be one of those nooks n’ cubbies in homes that draws in people, like there’s some human need here.

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7 Replies to “A Space”

  1. ooh, I like these — they’re like temples or house-shaped odes if you know what I mean

    1. Thank you! Yes, you put great words to describe these that I hadn’t seen before. Now that I’m thinking of it, they remind me of the wats in Thailand … the shapes …

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