Packrat or Collector? Which Are You?

Let’s face it, no one aspires to be a packrat. If someone is a packrat, they usually like to call themselves a “collector.” Yet many of us have a packrat somewhere within us. Often the evidence is hidden behind closet doors, under beds, or in rarely-visited rooms. Because the accumulations of packrats are usually pretty messy looking. But could it look nice? Possibly like this moodboard?

One key to making collections look pleasing and not messy is to use multiples of one item or similar items, like these Thai birdcages shown at The New Victorian Traditionalist:

Use the same color, similar shapes and similar sizes. Use restraint.

Like this, shown at The Inspiration Studio:

Featured at decor8:

Found at Pinterest, not sure of original source:

From House Beautiful:

Shown at Design*Sponge:

Via Andrew Martin, yes there are collections worked in here:

A stylish CD collection, found on Pinterest and tumblr isn’t giving up the link:

Via The Inside Story:

Breathing space around objects makes them look important and intentional. Even simple objects like these, shown at Urban Comfort:

A collection in a fine art photo sold by Etsy seller leapinggazelle:

It’s a popular look. This one found at Beach Bungalow 8:

Found at Dreamy Whites:

So what do you think? What do you see here as a common thread that makes these collections more peaceful than hyperkinetic? How do you display your collections?

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  1. Is there any way you could inform me how you paint those magnificent walls. Are there any tutorials or books you have published, Do you use plaster and glazes?

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