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I love being outside in our gardens in the spring, summer and fall — seasons that every year feel too short, winter too long. Thankfully our India pied a terre has two outdoor terraces, one of them just a few steps up from our main door! Both are 1,200 sq ft spaces and someday you know I’ll be decorating them with plants and areas to sit. Plus, we’ll create plenty of shade from the sun. Coconut and banana trees are already there casting some shade.

Here is some outdoor living inspiration, of all styles and for all purposes …

Found at Desire to Inspire, this is a house for sale, so this could be your backyard (with some funds of course):

Found at MariaRR on weheartit, lower budget and I like this even better. Imagine:

Found at Outdoor Sanctuaries Tumblr, the movies outside, like drive-in movies but more comfortable!

Also from Outdoor Sanctuaries Tumblr:

If you can open an indoor space wide to the outside, it’s like being outside. Like this found at Delight by Design:

Even in winter. Found at The World According to Isa:

This feels wabi sabi? Definitely simply back to nature. Found at paonote_room269:

Less simple, also beautiful, from Better Homes and Gardens:

A city view. Found at the little book of secrets tumblr:

Found at Pinterest — a totally different view. Anyone know where photos copyrighted by Gaby are posted? I’m sure there’s more goodies there!

From Chris Court Photography. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

There is no shortage of images of how people are livin’ it up beautifully outdoors. Follow my Pinterest Living Outdoors Board for more (400+ images there), and a Houzz Ideabook of patio/veranda/lanai photos. For now, I am going outdoors!

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3 Replies to “Outdoor Living”

  1. This blog is absolutely dreamy. I am currently helping my daughter with the overgrown garden of her newly purchased house on this windswept island far out to sea. We are envisioning an intimate courtyard in front of the house where here there is usually lawn. Your blog was so inspiring.

  2. Wow, a windswept island … now that’s dreamy! With our garden behind the sunroom, I am also trying to create a courtyard feeling. We love the space of our bigger property for a suburban life — it’s about 1.5 acres — but it’s too big for human comfort, I think. So we’re carving it into smaller “rooms” around the house. A courtyard effect would be wonderful.

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