Elegant, Casual, Soft, Restful

I am seeking spots like this right now:

All elements in this scene can be found at the Olioboard moodboard.

We have been dealing with a few days of very little sleep caring for a cat with few motor skills and legs like wet noodles. We’ve learned all about vestibular disorder, brain tumors in the cerebellum, and I now know what intention tremors are because I have a very determined cat with lots of intentions! Doesn’t matter that she can’t get there, she wants to go there. We don’t know what the problem is at this point, but after a few days on steriods we can see our gorgeous bluepoint Siamese cat’s personality showing through again. She even had some extra mental energy to try to “talk” today.

So soft, peaceful, restful rooms are pleasing to the eyes and mind right now.

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