Railroad Parts as Decor Accessories

The coolest thing is when creative people find a totally unexpected use for objects. Like at this company called RailroadWare which I just tripped upon and had to share. Their pendant lights made of insulators drew me in to their site:

And check out this beautiful pendant made of traffic light elements, available in green, yellow and red of course:

Here’s a photo of pendant lights in action from their gallery:

Caution! Creativity overhead!

I love the colors of these.

But wait, it doesn’t stop with pendant lights! They created a variety of products, including a wall-hanging pot rack (which is an item that we’re looking for for our Chennai apartment):

A door knocker made of railroad anchor and railroad spike, and I suppose it could also be over-sized cabinet hardware if you want to make a big industrial statement:

And to that point, they offer door handles:

There’s even picture holders:

I’m inspired to look at things from a completely new angle now.

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