EmersonMade India Inspiration

I never would have dared do this. I have a ton of blazers, jackets, whatever you wanna call ’em … things from Talbots for work … I never would have thought of layering them with the prints, colors and shapes of India clothing. But here with EmersonMade’s vision, as shown in their photos, it works …

Silly me, thinking these two clothing personalities in my closet couldn’t be happily merged together, despite them reflecting the various sides and lives of the person who owns them.

But I do sense that these looks are better on, say, Kate Middleton body types than Kim Kardashian body types … play in front of the mirror first!

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5 Replies to “EmersonMade India Inspiration”

  1. Those outfits are stunning! Everything goes so well together :) Okay so technically I’m Indian so I might be a bit biased towards this type of look, but like seriously…it’s awesome!


    1. Yes, fabulous! And it occurred to me, the top in the last photo would look great with skinny jeans and cognac color leather riding boots, kind of like “Ralph Lauren Goes to India.” Plus a big chunky metal and stone something hanging on a very long chain.

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