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The post on Ikea in India reminded me of a post I wanted to do on how people make the basic boxy Expedit unit into something super stylish. Our Expedit 5×5 has followed us around a lot:

  • from the Toronto Ikea (squished with us in a too-small rental car)
  • to our first condo in Michigan (in a Soho industrial styled basement)
  • to a home in Minneapolis (in a living room corner with Japanese tansus)
  • to Chicago (in a travel-themed guest room)
  • no, it’s not going to the India pied a terre!

It’s black and birch and I haven’t seen it at Ikea in many years. Here’s my beloved Expedit holding too many momentos in our guest room, but I can’t bear to put them in boxes in the basement. Thus the usefulness of Expedit:

Here are stylish Expedits in other people’s homes …

Via the San Franciso Chronicle:

Via Cameron MacNeil blog:

Via Karl&Ellen flickr:

Via jade chikaustin flickr:

Via Elements of Style blog – Stacy London’s TV show set:

Via Design*Sponge:

Creating office dividers, via olojin flickr:

Via simplyvonne flickr:

Via the Decorologist:

Via Ikea Hackers:

Via samanthapynn:

Via ikeaqueen flickr:

Via Ikea Hackers:

And finally, Expedit for the dollhouse, from The New York Times:

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