Today’s Carriage House Garage Door Project

I’ve envisioned adding carriage house hardware to our garage doors. And today, I did so. The job included careful eyeball measuring (I’m a walking tape measure and leveler, all in one, I tell you), marking with pencil, pre-drilling holes, and attaching  the hardware. That doesn’t seem like lots of work, but in heat and humidity it’s a sweaty job. Due to my aversion to heat, humidity and sweat (and you ask why are we building an India pied a terre, ha ha ha!) I’ve put this job off, but could wait no more. The heat ain’t goin’ nowhere but here.

Behold, the result:

These doors were boring solid doors. They were quality Clopay, but basic. We had the dealer replace just the top solid panels with glass-paned panels, which also brightens the garage interior. So if you want a new look, you don’t have to replace the entire doors. See if you can redesign by replacing only one panel.

With the carriage house hardware (from Martin, found on eBay), the house has ramped up curb appeal. Our house is a colonial farmhouse style cedar house, and these garage doors now add to the charm.

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