Romantic Mosquito Netting in Bedrooms

Anyone who lives where it’s been raining a lot lately is looking to keep these bloodsuckers away. Vampires may be “in” right now but mosquitos should always be out! I posted once before about mosquito netting, sharing lovely photos of beds with netting. I got mosquito netting this weekend to take on our next trip to the India pied a terre, for both tough mosquito combat and a soft romantic look. Beyond being utilitarian for your health, it’s a romantic accent in exotic vacation spots. So here’s more photos from my inspiration files …

At  Six Senses Con Dao in Vietnam:

Via Red Online:

Mosquito Netting at Bon Ton Villas in Langkawi Malaysia via Designtripper:

The next two found at ahhhlaladeco:

From Elle Decor:

Via The Wayanad Travelogue:

Simple graphic mosquito netting by photographer Brie Williams:

I don’t know the sources of these next images. If you do, please comment and let me know so I can credit!

Via Rusted Wood blog:

Via AD France:

Via Marie Claire Maison:

Via Le Beau Paon Victorien:

Now, if only I could find a little personal mosquito suit to wear while gardening!

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2 Replies to “Romantic Mosquito Netting in Bedrooms”

  1. These pics are beautiful ! Living in Goa, I can second the absolute importance of mosquito nets. They allow me to keep my doors and windows open all day, enjoy the breeze and not worry about mosquitoes invading my home. And they do add a lovely dreamy soft texture to the bed and room. It feels super luxurious to sleep inside them too ! Enjoy them !

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